10 Years - 100 Movies | 2019 Movies on the Roof

Movies on the Roof is a private movie festival run by Laura Lanford and Thomas Rammer. We screen classic American cinema Tuesday evenings during summer on a rooftop in Printer's Row.

Movies on the Roof - A History, Year 6: 2015

Some years, the list just presents itself.  With the 20th anniversary of “Toy Story,” and the 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future,” we had our bookends set for us. In between, we had the booze-soaked mirror couples in “The Thin Man” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” engaging in very, very different ways.  

The social commentary of “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” was just as shocking in 2015 as it was in the 40s, and “Network” has proved to be terrifyingly prescient about the collapse of public media.  And, of course, the iconic Marilyn on the street vent in “The Seven Year Itch”

Rebecca and Jack returned with another brilliant and kinetic trailer, linking parallel shots throughout the films. Their talent and contribution to MotR cannot be overstated.

We had a bit of a shock right before our premier when the Thrillist counted us as a top ten "secret event" in Chicago for the summer. Though flattered, we had to kindly tell many interested attendees that Movies on the Roof is a private screening for our friends and neighbors and not open to the public.

The 2015 List

60    Toy Story

61    Sunset Blvd.

62    Network

63    The Thin Man

64    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

65    The Seven Year Itch

66    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

67    Back to the Future

68    Back to the Future 2

69    Back to the Future 3

MotR 2019