10 Years - 100 Movies | 2019 Movies on the Roof

Movies on the Roof is a private movie festival run by Laura Lanford and Thomas Rammer. We screen classic American cinema Tuesday evenings during summer on a rooftop in Printer's Row.

Movies on the Roof 2018, Week 6: VERTIGO

Please join us this Tuesday, August 14th, for the movie that displaced Citizen Kane as the Best Movie of All Time: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

In one of the darker roles of his career, Jimmy Stewart is an acrophobic detective who becomes obsessed with the woman he's been hired to tail. When his fear of heights prevents him from following her up a tower to save her from plunging to her death, he starts descending into madness. This is just the first half of the movie! When he begins molding his next girlfriend into the vision of his previous obsession, things really start getting weird.

There are only three movies left in the 2018 season! The weather forecasts are fickle, but you can assume we'll be on the roof unless you see otherwise here or on our facebook page. As always, we recommend a hoodie or jacket just in case.

The show will start at 8:20, though half the fun is hanging out beforehand! Please join us on the roof anytime after 5:30pm.

MotR 2019